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Gabriëlle Rutten

Gabriëlle Rutten, Gary Craig Certified Official EFT™ Master

I am a medical doctor by training but I have completely abandoned prescribing drugs. In fact, I have stopped ‘practising medicine’ altogether. I use only Gold Standard EFT (Tapping) and Optimal EFT (Unseen Therapist) to resolve underlying emotional causes of any problem (emotional or physical). You can read more about my story in Gary’s free e-book about The Unseen Therapist and hear more about my take on “medical problems” on Gary’s webinars (part of his Optimal EFT course) where we discuss these topics. Finally, I am proud to be the Director of the Gary Craig Official EFT Training Center for the Dutch language.

I do Zoom consultations in English with people from all over the world.

Honoring the Founder of EFT

Gary Craig is the founder of EFT and thanks to him, the world has Official EFT, which includes ‘Tapping’ and the latest advancement: The Unseen Therapist. Gold Standard EFT (Tapping) has been around since 1995 and in 2014 Gary has added another precious gift: Optimal EFT and Unseen Therapist.

For all original information from the only source: emofree.com.

Solve your emotional or physical problems with EFT!

Welcome to the English page of my website. Learn more about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).  With this unique technique you can succesfully address both emotional and physical problems. EFT works for phobias, anxiety, depression, fear of public speaking, low self esteem, traumas, PTSD, general stress, eating disorders, addictions but also for backaches, headaches, migraines, arthritis, allergies and so much more.

As an MD, I strongly believe in resolving the real problem and not in treating symptoms with medication or otherwise. Drugs only mask what is going on and almost always have serious adverse side effects. This is not a route that I would recommend if you want to be healthy and happy!

If you are willing to consider the fact that a bodily symptom or disease is ‘only’ a metaphor for or the expression of the underlying issue, I can help you. It is of no importance whatsoever what the doctors have told you, however sophisticated their explanation may have sounded. It is always, always, Mind over Matter. This means that your thoughts and beliefs will determine what becomes manifest in your life and in your body.

You can literally think yourself ill and you can think yourself healthy, and you are often not consciously aware of these thoughts and beliefs.

Finding the emotional causes of physical symptoms and diseases can be a challenge if you don’t know what to look for. I have been successfully helping people discover the root causes and resolving many seemingly ‘chronic’ problems. Being able to pin point what to tap on in case of emotional issues can be a puzzle too.

Let me help you make sense of it all and find a way out of this maze.

No success with EFT from other sources or other therapies?

Official EFT works. Try it! I do EFT sessions in English with Skype or Zoom.


Emotional Freedom Techniques

No contraindications

You can combine it with any other therapy or drugs.

No side effects.

Safe to use and easily learned as self-help method.

For young & old

My youngest is 6 months and my oldest is 96… I am talking about my clients, not my children.

Effective and fast

EFT is very effective and works surprisingly fast in resolving emotional and physical problems.

More about Gabriëlle (1961)

Gary Craig Certified Official EFT Master and Gary Craig’s representative In the Netherlands and Belgium.

I have had my own private practice since 1999 but I have been helping people with their issues much longer, for about 35 years. I am a consultant, coach, trainer and EFT practitioner. I was trained as an MD. I am a master practitioner in NLP and certified in Official EFT by Gary Craig. He appointed me director of Novet – The Gary Craig Official EFT Training Center for the Netherlands & Belgium in 2016.

Before starting my own business, I was a Social Welfare Officer in the United Nations UNMIK mission in Kosovo for three years. Before that I worked as an Occupational Physician for 10 years after 4 years in clinical research in the Internal Medicine field.

I have abandoned regular medicine completely and strongly believe in Mind over Matter. In the 35-odd years that I have helped people, I have found abundant evidence that the body doesn’t do anything ‘by itself’. It is the mind that directs the body. The body itself is ‘nothing’, just the thing we live in and move around in. I am inspired by people like Joe Dispenza, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and also Eckhart Tolle, Bruce Lipton, Anita Moorjani and Deepak Chopra and many others who share this view. Even though I finished Medical School cum laude, I am happy to have discovered EFT and true healing, because I never have to limit myself again to treating symptoms only and being totally frustrated about the poor results …

New! Official EFT From A to Z

For the first time in book form, you will find the original and most effective way to use EFT as a self-help tool. The ultimate guide to learning the two official forms of Emotional Freedom Techniques: Optimal EFT and Gold Standard EFT.

This book combines EFT as a self-help tool, as developed by Gary Craig (the founder of EFT) with an detailed EFT action plan to resolve the underlying emotional causes of over 200 physical and mental symptoms, as further developed by me.

In these pages, you will learn simple but powerful ways that can set you free to once again, or perhaps for the first time, experience peace, joy and happiness.

This book is also an excellent reference book for EFT professionals.

Order here

Back Cover Official EFT From A to Z

“Thank you for my wonderful session with you. It took a while to get to sleep after our session from midnight to 1 AM but amazingly I woke for Gary’s session at 5 AM my time!

I will expand more later, however it was two things: very beneficial to me with my BP and other things (I am yet to be aware of); and a wonderful demonstration of a polished practitioner’s technique.”

D.H. 60 yrs

“X just called me and we had a very good conversation – he wanted the past to be behind us and move forward – we both apologized and it ended very positively.

A coincidence? – I think not – clearly my energy/vibration changed as a result of you working with me on it with Optimal EFT.

Thank You – this means a lot Gabriëlle”

S.R. 59 yrs

“Gabrielle is the best there is for EFT. What made me want to work with her was her incredible track record of results. She’s competent, knowledgeable and very confident & exactly what I needed when I started my sessions with her. I was feeling overwhelmed, had difficulty focusing and was unsure what to do to get unstuck while doing EFT on my own. Gabrielle guided me with confidence and patience and I have since experienced progress that I didn’t initially believe was possible. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

A.B. 49 yrs

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully you’ll find the answer you need here

What is Gold Standard EFT and Optimal EFT?

Gold Standard EFT is the term for the official form of EFT developed by Gary Craig and in use since 2011. The original form has been around since 1995. Official EFT has been trademarked by Gary Craig and he has appointed “Gary Craig Official EFT Training Centers.” They have the exclusive rights to offer Official EFT information and trainings. The free English Tutorial is available on emofree.com.

Since 2014, Gary Craig has been developing Optimal EFT with the Unseen Therapist where tapping has been replaced by a meditation process with the ‘Unseen Therapist’. She is a spiritual presence of unlimited healing power. A free English e-book, The Unseen Therapist, is available on emofree.com.

Are there any adverse effects?

EFT doesn’t have “adverse effects”. However, it is possible to experience symptoms that are normal occurences after having resolved a major emotional problem. Tiredness and headaches are common symptoms. Other symptoms like allergies, “flu” and mild infections may also occur and are normal symptoms of recovery from stress.

Sometimes, EFT has removed a layer and deeper hidden stuff comes to the surface. Please note that these issues can also be triggered in ‘normal’ life (in a conversation, watching a movie, running into someone, etc). So again, this is not an adverse effect but the way your memory works and your stress reaction can be activated. 

Lastly, your core negative belief is always “I am not good enough” or a variation on this theme. This needs more work to resolve and it will surface as soon as you start working on you issues in earnest with EFT. Again, not an adverse effect but a chance to really resolve lifelong issues.

Is the problem solved permanently?

If EFT is applied correctly the result should be permanent. If an emotional problem appears to “come back,” it is usually because

– one or more aspects were in hiding and couldn’t be addressed (yet) so they are showing now. This is a chance to further resolve the issue

– the issue was addressed too globally and therefore only partially resolved

– there is (subconscious) resistance to completely letting go of the problem. This too, is a chance to further resolve the issue.

How about Faster EFT and Matrix Reimprinting?

These are so-called EFT ‘spin-offs’. Faster EFT is primarily based on NLP combined with a few of the tapping points from the basic recipe of EFT. It is definitely not faster and certainly not more effective than Gold Standard EFT. The underlying theory of why this works is based on several erroneous assumptions about how the brain and your memory work.

Matrix Reimprinting (MR) is based on inner child work combined with the tapping points of EFT. Proponents of MR like how it allows you to change a negative memory into a positive experience. This, of course, is not really what happens because you can’t redo your past. It is better to let past events go because you have permanently eliminated the associated stress reaction than to artificially reconstruct and gloss over them with a more desirable ‘happening.’ Also, even the ‘inventor’ of this combination of two existing techniques, points out that you need to revisit a specific event more than once. You shouldn’t have to do this as a standard approach because applying the EFT procedure properly will eliminate the conditioned stress reaction completely.

If you have no success with these spin-offs, maybe it is time to try Official EFT (Gold Standard EFT or Optimal EFT) from the source!

Consultation, supervision or private lessons?

You choose. I work with ‘clients’ but I am also frequently consulted by other EFT professionals about cases and other technical EFT matters. Everybody is welcome, I’ll try to answer all your questions as best as I can.

What are the costs?

My fee is 150 euros for a session of one hour. Reduced rates are available. Please feel free to mail me about this. The first session is paid in advance by the invoice I will send by email. Thereafter you will receive a monthly invoice.

How do I make an appointment?

Just fill in the contact form below. I will email you with a proposal and instructions for a session by Zoom. Make sure to state you hometown and country so I can work out the time difference.

Do you do workshops in English?

Yes, I do workshops in English on request. If you are interested in attending a workshop or training in English in the Netherlands, I can put you on a waiting list. As soon as we have 8 participants, I’ll start planning. The location is Amsterdam. If you bring 5-7 participants  with you, we can plan right away and the location is flexible. For online training in Gold Standard of Optimal EFT, I refer you to the website of Gary Craig or Sheri Baker, his English director of the certification program.

Gold Standard EFT Basic Protocol

English EFT basic protocol

Optimal EFT Basic Protocol

Optimal EFT Basisprotocol

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